From Parents

  • Excellent resource. I am really impressed. Had something similar from the USA at one point but with shipping it wasn’t very affordable but I was still missing It. I will be buying these regularly!
  • The box is amazing. I didn’t expect so much inside, loads of activity to keep little ones entertained and learning!
  • What an amazing gift idea for the smallies in your life. 
  • We received the babble box today. I just opened it and my boy loves the story book! He loves that he can turn the pages so easily and he’s loving the animal noises from me. 
  • Such a brilliant idea, she loves it and is so interactive while we are reading and going through it all.
  • There are loads of amazing themed boxes available along with loads of helpful tips and posts!

From professionals

  • What can I say? From the moment you open a babble box you can see how amazing it is! Suzanne has thought of everything to make a super activity for you to enjoy with your little ones. Finn & Kai love when their stories are brought to life and I love that we are supporting their language development unknowingly to them. There is a babble box out there to suit every child and if you need a helping hand Suzanne is super approachable if you have any questions.
    Lauren Dineen creator of Ireland Baby Deals 
  • My little boy is a late talker and I’m always looking for ways to improve his speech. Suzanne from the babbling book club sent me out the farm babble box, I was so impressed with the quality of the materials and with how well Ted responded to it. The book is still by far his favourite and he loves posting his action pictures into the post box. Thank you so much Suzanne
    Nicole creator of Montessori with Ted 
  • My little girl adores all of the Babble Boxes that we have purchased from The Babbling Book Club so far. I didn’t have any concern about her speech and language ability but these boxes will be of benefit to any child to further develop their language skills and nurture a love of reading. Suzanne took time to identify her interests and custom-made a box of quality products accordingly. It was the first time I had ever seen my little one relate stories to props and it was magical to watch her imagination unfold. The pieces Suzanne had selected gave the stories more depth and brought them to life. Babble Boxes are such an easy gift to buy for friends and the response is always one of sheer delight.
    Dr Christina Mc Donnell creator of Genius Juniors