Action Rhyme Time

Tips for Action Rhyme Time: you got to move it, move it

but little ones set the pace!

Act it out! out all the actions and make up your own! In the development of communication and speech, first comes nonverbal imitation which is a fancy way of saying first little ones will imitate us doing an action. Imitating actions is an important first step on the path to words. So, give them something great to imitate. 

Slow it down! It is better to sing and chant your own rhymes and songs because you can set a pace that is perfect for your little one. TV shows and CDs go too fast for small people to join in, their coordination is still developing so they can't keep up if we rush on, so slow it right down for them. 

Add a pause! For all little ones when you add a pause you give them the chance to join in.  When they join in the fun they learn better. If your little one struggles with speech, wait a bit longer and accept a sound, a look, an action, all of these are their turn in the rhyme

Repeat! Do it again and again and when they really know the rhyme, change it up. Try the wheels on the tractor, Old Mac Donald had a zoo, Five little fish went swimming one day!

FYI Don’t like singing? They don’t care how you sound as long as you are having fun!

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