About Us

Hi There! I’m Suzanne.

Thank you for visiting my website. Here’s a bit about me and my passion for what I do at The Babbling Bookclub

I’m a mom of two fabulous children and I’m working as a speech and language therapist for the last 20 years! When my smallest started preschool I started The Babbling Bookclub, classes for babies and toddlers in Galway. I love this, it’s where I am happiest, reading to tiny humans. At the Babbling Book Club, all activities are based around early language and brain development using research and my experience in fun and interactive story time classes. 

During Covid 19 as the bookclub could not run, I packaged up my bookclub classes into a gift box and Babble Boxes were born. To my delight, they have grown and grown and become my third baby. 

I am so passionate about the benefits of reading aloud to little ones as I have seen the effects of this in my professional and personal life. That’s what my company is all about, bringing the joy and many benefits of reading aloud to families. 

Give the gift of Story Time and let’s get little ones hooked on books!